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JEEBOO R9 MT6735 Tested Firmware

Discussion in 'Marhaba Firmware Exclusive Files' started by Abdullah, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Abdullah

    Marhaba Team
    Abdullah Marhaba Team
    Staff Member Super Moderator

    Oct 22, 2016
    Thanks Meter:
    Brand : JEEBOO
    ProdName : R9
    ProdModel : R9
    Device : R9
    AndroidVer: 5.1
    MTKxCPU : MT6735
    MTKxPRJ : ALPS.L1.MP3.V2.62_PRI6735.66T.C.L1_P7
    MODEM :
    BaseBand : MT6735_S00_MOLY_LR9_W1444_MD_LWTG_MP_V48_P6_1_ltg_n
    preloader_pri6735_66t_v_l1 (142Kb)
    EMMC: (233Gb+16384Mb) SAMSUNG 0x51345a334d42
    EMMC FW VERSION: 02:00:00:00:00:00:00:00
    EMMC CID: 15010051345A33 : 000000000000000000
    EMMC UA SIZE: 0x747c00000
    FULL LENGTH: 0x748800000 [29.133 GB]
    Preloader SEC version: 2
    Status: USB_HIGH_SPEED
    Build ID: LMY47D
    Display ID: A5522CPKS.JBA.HB.H.SW.0903.V3.01
    Version: 5.1
    Build Date: Sat Sep 3 13:56:17 CST 2016
    Model: R9
    Brand: JEEBOO
    Device: R9
    Manufacturer: JEEBOO
    Region: US
    Mediatek Version Release: ALPS.L1.MP3.V2.62_PRI6735.66T.C.L1_P7
    Dumping Preloader.
    Start dumping flash, this can take up to 1 hour.......
    Start procesing proinfo
    Reading: BEGIN: 0x80000 - LEN: 0x300000
    Start procesing nvram
    IMEI[1] from NVRAM: 869864020427034
    IMEI[2] from NVRAM: 869864020427034
    Start procesing protect1 ......
    Reading: BEGIN: 0x880000 - LEN: 0xa00000
    Start procesing protect2 ......
    Reading: BEGIN: 0x1280000 - LEN: 0xa00000
    Start procesing lk ......
    Start processing boot
    Start processing recovery
    Start procesing logo ......
    Start procesing secro
    Reading: BEGIN: 0x5200000 - LEN: 0x600000
    Start procesing trustzone
    Start procesing frp ......
    Reading: BEGIN: 0x6a00000 - LEN: 0x100000
    Start procesing nvdata ......
    Reading: BEGIN: 0x6b00000 - LEN: 0x2000000
    Start procesing system
    Reading: BEGIN: 0xb000000 - LEN: 0x80000000
    Saved to :MT6735_EMMC_JEEBOO_R9_5_1_ALPS_L1_MP3_V2_62_PRI6735_66T_C_L1_P7(2018_01_06_19_02)
    All done.
    JEEBOO R9 | Marhaba Firmware
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